An AI platform to reduce Data Congestion, Response-time and identify Behavioral Anomalies from IoT devices

Use KEN AI to make your sensors talk.

Let Your Data Take Your Business to Higher Grounds

Visual data is not just made up of cameras, but also using the others like ultrasound, LiDAR, RADAR etc. 

These data can be used to serve most advanced solutions around built for Retail, Smart City, Health Care and Autonomous Vehicles.

Cloud Analytics on SAAS

Our AI solution is very versatile with capacity of being deployed on-premise on-cloud and on-edge depending on the use cases.

Versatility in Application

Our KEN AI platform is highly scalable and nimble with most advanced AI analytics that can seamlessly integrate with any hardware or software via API.

Data is not a challenge

Our AI platform with self learning capability works with 70% less data for learning and processing, making KEN AI the most advanced out there.

Full Customer Experience 

Our AI platform comes with several pre-built configurations for real estate, retail, transportation, medical and smart city applications. But the freedom to do more.

Are You Ready to Adopt KEN AI™ for Business?


KEN AI™ is the brain behind our technology. This patented technology powers our formulated solutions and products.

Using the most advanced machine learning algorithms, KEN can identify the most important recorded events. KEN learns what you care about and your patterns, getting smarter over time, and continuously improving daily summaries and alerts.

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We built our technology with privacy at left, right & center.

As an Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics company, we understand what it means to use data responsibly and in a completely secure manner. We’d like to be a part of the broader public policy conversation and work actively with governments of all levels.

We provide peace of mind to people and governments alike when it comes to your privacy. As a very strict policy, we do not store or collect any identifiable personal traits. We only collect metadata which can identify an incident.

We are committed to upholding the highest standards around the world.

At Intelense, we believe in continuous innovation. Our R&D team is working daily to improve the technology and efficiency of the AI industry as a whole.

Currently, we are working on developing SOC to help IoT devices achieve maximum potential for AI-enabled Anomaly Detection and Analytics.

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