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Dive Into the New Age of AI-based Analytics using KEN IoT Platform

How Platfrom Helps 

Smart City


Anomaly Detection

Health Care

KEN AI Integrated IoT platform Use Case

Property Management & Safety

Property / Asset management has always been a very complex, risky and cumbersome process. We use the existing cameras, sensors and devices to extract analytics for the business operations. Our AI will process the information to identify activities related to safety, health & compliance to perform automated tasks . 

Anomaly Detction and Analytics

Intelense can help capture abnormal frames from any IoT devices. Our platform will help IoT device manage throughput by sending only the important data thereby reducing bandwidth and processing time of AI. The structed data will then be used to extract analytics from the device.

Smart City

We have developed a complete suite of solutions derived from KEN AI™ to address health, safety and emergency services. The applications are IoT & 5G ready with open APIs for easy integrations. The application of the AI Analytics varies from, traffic management, crowd management, airport management & emergency care etc. 

Energy, Gas & Power Distribution.

Intelense' s KEN AI works can collect analytics using the IoT sensors and predict the failure and fault in advance. The AI can be deployed on both on-edge and on-cloud for scalability. The AI can also triangulate the location of the error and provide suggestions for maintaince and  criticality based on the external factors such as weather, temperature, humidity, wind, environment of operation etc.


We use video technology powered by AI to protect your most important assets, your employees. KEN AI captures and address safety risks in real-time across operations. Additionally, our APIs can capture abnormalities in both, the incident being detected and IoT sensors itself. Our single platform can optimize driving patters of the drivers and also monitor health of the vehicle in real-time to ensure zero delay in logistics. 

Health & Diagnostics

Intelense has always believed in using AI for the betterment of humankind. We are constantly building applications for improving human lives with advancement in healthcare sector. Currently, our AI can capture abnormalities in the diagnostics in medical application.

We Integrate With Your Ecosystem

Intelense’s Artificial Intelligence, easily uploaded onto existing infrastructure, instantly enables cameras to be intelligent. We believe in enhancing human intelligence and not replacing them. Our solution allows for the elimination of human error. Our current focus is ensuring perfect integration with clients’ existing systems to deliver a superior product. At the same time, we are diversifying our client, industry and geographical base.

Smart Cities, Emergency Services, Health Care, Industrial & Commercial Enterprises, and Safety & Security are some of the sectors that can benefit from our solutions.

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