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Intelense Launches Property Management & Concierge Solution.

The Property Management & Concierge Solution has been built using all the features of the building management along with the AI Solution built to its core.

The KEN AI™ Platform is the backbone for the complete product suite. With features ranging from AI enabled security and preventive solution to the routine booking of the assets can be done using this singular application. Our highly customizable and personalized solutions will reduce operational and capital cost by bringing together concierge, security, front desk and asset management features under a single platform.

Key features of Intelense’ s Retail Solution are:

  • AI based alert system for activities captured by existing cameras related to (but not limited to) fights, fires, accidents and health hazards with privacy mask to protect anonymity of the customers.

  • Attendance management for staff.

  • Completely anonymous and autonomous0 preventive solution.

  • Highly customizable escalation matrix.

  • Social distance and face mask monitoring solution along with a temperature monitoring as a default feature.

  • Booking management for assets and vendors.

  • Vendor Management for property managers.

  • Support for inventory/asset management.

  • AI / Machine Learning assisted incident logging and escalation.

  • Open APIs for integration with IoT device and sensors.

Product Specific features:

1. Security Guard:

  • The reporting system is highly advanced with several inbuilt AI features

  • Automated report tracking systems are inbuilt with automated predefined actions

  • AI based reports and manual reports are accessible in a single location

  • Hourly report filing is provided as a default feature

  • Manual report filing for any incident captured during rounds is also tracked

  • Manual and automated reports are grouped and escalated based on the criticality of the situation

2. Booking & Enquiry:

  • Booking features for both tenants and clients

  • Front desk support

  • API integration with other systems

  • Bidirectional enquiry between tenants and front desk

  • Auto reminder and escalation of enquiries based on the priority level

  • Elastic search for enquiry, with customizable filters for easy search

3. Guest Service

  • Web login is provided for guests to check into guest parking

  • APIs for integration with gate and garage door systems for guest access

  • Notification for guests via digital platforms (email and / or mobile)

4. Messaging & Calendar

  • Highly integrated messaging system

  • Alerts and notifications from the system are sent as messages to the responsible person for appropriate action

  • Thread based communication between users for easy escalation, messaging and alert tracking

  • Automatic scheduler for accountability

5. Complaints Management

  • Web login for customers and guests to log complaints

  • Notifications for actions taken is sent to both email and SMS platforms

  • Automatic Follow up and escalation

KEN AI™ is the brain behind our technology. This powers our formulated solutions and products. Using the most advanced machine learning algorithms, KEN can identify the most important recorded events. KEN learns what you care about and your user patterns, getting smarter over time, and continuously improving daily summaries and alerts.

Intelense’s Artificial Intelligence, easily uploaded onto existing infrastructure, instantly enables cameras to be intelligent. Key components of the AI allow host systems to be intuitive to incidents captured in the camera and provide an immediate alert and helps in elimination of human error.

Our current focus is ensuring perfect integration with clients’ existing systems to deliver a superior product. At the same time, we are diversifying our client, industry and geographical base. Smart Cities, Emergency Services, Health Care, Industrial & Commercial Enterprises, and Safety & Security are some of the sectors that can benefit from our solutions.

We spend an incredible amount of time making sure that the Intelense experience is seamless, fits client needs, and is constantly updated by the latest improvements in technologies. — Team Intelense

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