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How the retail stores and malls can ensure safer, healthy, and seamless shopping experience

Updated: Apr 26, 2021

With the government across the globe preparing to open the stores and malls for customers the onus of risk mitigation to prevent a new outbreak falls on both the consumers and the owners. The mandatory mask and sanitization rules are here to stay, at least for now. But how is it possible to monitor the health and sanitization needs for all and keep the store open for business without spending a lot on monitoring? How you need to manage the business and ensure profitability at the same time? All these are some of the questions that makes the situation less pleasant.

We at Intelense had opportunity and technology to aid malls, shops and business reopen worry free. For the future of retail which is data driven and preparedness focused we have developed a complete suite of solutions derived from KEN AI™ to address health, safety, and emergency services. The applications are IoT ready with open APIs for easy integrations.

Some of them are:

Social Distancing & Preparedness Solution:

To overcome these times of uncertainty we have built a social distancing solution to help small, mid, and large businesses to re-open efficiently with utmost care to their customers. The solution will help private and government organizations to map the crowded path and also focus on decluttering the locations to avoid proximity and also monitor if the social distance is maintained.

Key Features:

1. Near real-time monitoring, if the social distance is maintained.

2. An automated alert system for contact transfer can be configured.

3. Easy to deploy the solution on the existing camera.

4. Automated temperature monitoring in the entrance and exit of the store.

5. Automated queue time monitoring solution.

6. Automated predictive algorithm to estimate the wait time for store based on the real-time situation.

7. Automated store augmentation based on number of people allowed per area under compliance.

8. Can be activated with one click if the user already purchased another solution.

9. Included free of cost to the automated retail solution.

Retail Solution:

Retail Solution was developed to help stores achieve marketing and business need. The retail solution can help businesses take actionable decisions to engage with target customers more efficiently. With this, the retail stores can decide where the customers mostly spend time on and can get micro analytical details on the buying pattern of customers. This can be achieved at very high accuracy and without compromising the privacy of the customers.

Key Features:

1. Can be used with all the cameras.

2. Separate analytics for marketing and business entity.

3. Custom heatmaps are configurable by the customer.

4. People counter is part of the offering.

5. The solution can be deployed on the same camera with multiple KEN AI solution.

There are many more features that are available for your needs without an additional cost to infrastructure or resources. To know more on how Intelense can work with you to reshape your business and ensure that you remain prepared at all situations contact or visit

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