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Stanford University Professor Dr. Hayagreeva (Huggy) Rao Joins Intelense’s Board Of Advisors

Intelense Inc

Jun 17, 2021

The Addition of a Renowned Stanford University GSB Professor and a Leading Authority on Innovation and Scaling is a Huge Boost for the Company’s Growth

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In late 2020, Intelense’s Executive Team began bringing together a well-rounded group of accomplished leaders to assist the company through an explosive growth stage. These individuals now form Intelense’s Board of Advisors.

We are pleased to introduce Dr. Hayagreeva (Huggy) Rao, currently the Atholl McBean Professor of Organizational Behaviour and Human Resources at the Stanford Graduate School of Business, as a member of Intelense’s Board of Advisors. Over the past few months, Professor Rao has been lending his knowledge and insights to Intelense’s growth and scaling strategy. His position at Stanford University, in the heart of Silicon Valley, has placed him at the centre of the world’s foremost ecosystem for start-ups, innovation and technology.

Professor Rao is an accomplished academic, management guru and advisor to companies and their executives. He recently co-authored with Bob Sutton the book “Scaling up Excellence.”

“The addition of Huggy Rao to our Board of Advisors will help us manage change and make the right decisions as we transition from a start-up organization to a full scale corporation. His reputation in the business community will resonate well with investors and clients alike who are lookin to partner with Intelense.”

-Dinesh Prasanna, Sailesh Kumar & Sriram Raman - Intelense Executive Team

Founded in late 2018, Intelense has grown into a Global AI and Analytics Platform that can transform all forms of data, otherwise discarded, into Optimized Analytics using underlying patented technology. Intelense’ s AI Platform is being used for analyzing, identifying and predicting abnormalities in the Medical, Oil & Gas, Power & Distribution and Smart City sectors of the economy.

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